Helping Everyone Learn to Prevent Suicide


Designed for the UConn community, UConn HELPS* is an interactive suicide prevention training which goes beyond basic facts about suicide.  With a focus on the importance of communication and connection, participants will learn how to recognize warning signs, use empathic listening techniques, and provide compassionate support to those in crisis.

Each training covers the following areas:

  • Brief overview of statistics related to suicide in the college population
  • Discussion of myths and warning signs
  • Instruction on effective listening and communication skills
  • Overview of campus, state, and national resources to support someone in crisis
  • Participation in a guided group role play

To schedule a training:

UConn HELPS is a two-hour workshop, best for groups of 15-30 participants.  Due to scheduling demands, we encourage community members to provide at least at least one month’s advance notice when requesting a UConn HELPS workshop.  To schedule a training for your group, please fill out this request form.

*UConn HELPS is adapted from the Campus Connect suicide prevention training, developed at Syracuse University.  Campus Connect is listed on the Best Practices Registry of the Suicide Prevention Resource Center/American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.