Fresh Check Day 2022! Save the Date!

Fresh Check Day 2022

We are Stronger Together!

Fresh Check Day aims to create an approachable and hopeful atmosphere where students are encouraged to engage in dialogue about mental health and helps to build a bridge between students and the mental health and wellness resources available on campus, in the community, and nationally.

Fresh Check Day at Waterbury, Tuesday, April 5th

Fresh Check Day at Avery Point, Thursday, April 14th; 11am - 1pm

Fresh Check Day at Storrs, Saturday, April 23rd; 1 - 4pm:


Stomp Out The Stigma Walk- Postponed to rain date: 4/20
Tuesday, April 19th
4 PM - 5 PM

Rain date: Wednesday, April 20th, 4pm

As part of Fresh Check Day, you are invited to walk two miles in order to STOMP out the Stigma that can be associated with mental illness and suicide. Together, we will walk in solidarity to raise awareness about the importance about talking about and caring for college students mental health. The two-mile on-campus loop will include a walk with UCPD’s Justin Cheney and Tildy! If you haven’t met Tildy yet, come meet another lovable UConn pup.

To register for the in-person walk, sign up here. Please read and sign the Participant Acknowledgement of Risk and Liability Release form and bring it to the walk. 

Link to register:

Participating Booths


Come unplug with us at Moss Sanctuary in Storrs!Please sign up to secure a spot on our lil nature excursion.
Saturday, April 23 @ 2:00-2:30pm at Moss Sanctuary (a map with clear directions will be provided); link to learn more about the Moss Sanctuary:

Sign Up Here

Nine Out of Ten

This event focuses on suicide prevention directly, empowering students to act as gatekeepers for their peers and teaching them how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of suicide.

Check in Chill Out

Check In Chill Out emphasizes that checking in with your mental health is just as important as checking in with your physical health – stress management and coping strategies.

Sponsored by: Student Health and Wellness Mental Health services and Active Minds

Know Your Limit

This event promotes alcohol safety and awareness of the signs of alcohol misuse or dependence in oneself or others and provides resources that can help.

Sponsored by: UCPD & Facility Dogs


Younique promotes positive body image, brings awareness to the prevalence of disordered eating on college campuses, and educates students on how to help themselves or a friend who may be struggling.

Sponsored by: CLAS ASC Becky Bacher

Mood Matters

This event raises awareness of anxiety and mood disorders including depression and bipolar d/o.

Paint Your Art Out

This event focuses on the therapeutic and MH benefits of art and creativity and how they can serve as protective coping strategies.


Thrive focuses on your strengths and embracing a positive attitude which can better equip you to thrive in your environment, and how recognizing what you have to be grateful for can positively affect your mental health.

Sponsored by: International Student and Scholar Services


Boost is focused on physical activity which has positive mental health benefits and encourages students to find physical activities to engage in that they enjoy. Sign up here for a NatureRX experience.

Sponsored by: SHaW Health Promotion and AsACC


Uplift promotes self-care and wellness and helps students find coping strategies that work for them.

Sponsored by: SHaW Medical Care services

100 Reasons

100 Reasons challenges students to think about their own reasons to stay alive and inspire others to find theirs. It instills a sense of hope and provides resources and information on how to help a friend who is thinking about suicide.

Sponsored by: Kathy Fischer - Women’s Center

It Takes A Village

This event builds social networks and a sense of connection, acknowledging that getting involved in your community can be a protective factor against suicide.

Be Yourself

Be Yourself promotes self-acceptance and acceptance of others for who they are and provides information on risk and protective factors for the LGBTQ+ community.

Words Matter
This event focuses on how a lack of awareness and stigma or misunderstanding can lead some people to keep their feelings and experiences secret and in fear of being shamed or judged and brings these topics to light

Sponsored by: Student Health and Wellness

Rise Up
Rise Up brings awareness to the mental health effects that often follow sexual assault. It empowers bystanders and addresses the impact of victim-blaming and language.


UBELONG Raises awareness of the challenges students face and the resources available to them in their lives and around campus to help them manage stress caused by challenges so they can effectively manage stress and thrive.
Sponsored by: UConn Faith communities

At Ease
At Ease educates students about the unique challenges that their service member peers may face and provides resources for student service members.
Sponsored by: VAMP